Build a Booming City Economy With New Jobs

Dan’s Economic Plan


1) Make City Government Serve Small Businesses

Government should be a catalyst for job creation - one that will encourage and energize, not block and burden private businesses and the free market.  The best way to bring people out of poverty is by giving them the best opportunity to get a good-paying job.  We will lead City Hall and our Planning Department to serve small businesses and reform a bureaucracy that often hinders and discourages healthy economic growth.


2) Be A Platform City for Innovators and Entrepreneurs

Steve Case, the founder of AOL and CEO of Time Warner, recently called Albuquerque one of the most innovative cities in America – a tribute to the entrepreneurial spirit of our people and our willingness to adapt.  A large part of the credit is due to an entrepreneurial ecosystem called Innovation Central where job creators, innovators, and entrepreneurs are getting the support they need to thrive.  We will double-down on making Albuquerque a platform city (a “collaborative launching pad”) for thought-leaders and talented entrepreneurs.  


3) Upgrade Our Roads and Core Transportation Infrastructure

Core transportation infrastructure projects are critical to quality of life and economic prosperity.  The completion of the new Paseo / I-25 Interchange and flyover came about because of a dire need that the people of Albuquerque recognized and wanted to solve.  I was thankful to champion that interchange and find a way to ensure a safe and efficient commute.  We will make sure that we fix and improve the roadways and transit systems that we all agree will improve our city, and solve real transportation problems.  We will not neglect the need to fix aging neighborhood roads and upgrade local streets and intersections.


4) Stop Letting ABQ Fall Behind & Focus on Youth & Technology

There is an entire population of Albuquerque residents who are often overlooked because of their age, yet it is these Millennials who are some of our most industrious innovators.  We must give them a prominent place at the table and help enable them to start new businesses, lead companies, employ people, and dream big about what’s next for Albuquerque.  Dan will put young leaders and innovators on boards and commissions so they can help shape the future of our city.  Our youth will have every opportunity to make Albuquerque the place where they land a job they love in a place they call home.


5) Lead in Sports Tourism

Albuquerque should lead the nation in sports tourism in the next decade.  Nothing beats our weather, our fans, our culture, and our pride in our unique city.  We can be a premier Southwestern destination for the highest levels of professional sports.  We will lead the city to partner with community and business leaders, professional sports teams, and private investors to bring a major professional athletic organization to our city.

The Issue: Our city is plagued with slow job-growth and years of economic bust.  I am totally unwilling to see our city and our businesses fail.  We will lift families out of poverty, help small businesses thrive, and create high paying jobs, with a bold plan for economic prosperity.  Check Out Dan’s Economic Plan.