Our city is in crisis with a rise in auto theft, property crimes and violent crimes. It’s no surprise that the recent jump in crime comes as there are fewer officers on the streets making arrests, and fewer criminals in our jail. We will make Albuquerque the worst place in the country to be a criminal!

Our city is plagued with slow job-growth and years of economic bust. I am totally unwilling to see our city and our businesses fail. We will lift families out of poverty, help small businesses thrive, and create high paying jobs, with a bold plan for economic prosperity.

City leaders can no longer turn a blind eye to the City’s sole school district. APS has been plagued by scandal and failing outcomes for too long. Parents, teachers, and community advocates for our children have found that it is near impossible to hold district bureaucrats accountable. We will increase student performance by leading the charge to fundamentally change education within the boundaries of our city.

Dan recognizes the need to bring our community together, to rebuild trust between the public and the people they elect to manage their city, to instill pride in a city where we work together to overcome challenges that have slowed our progress. We will remove politics and self-interest from City Hall and make the city work for people, neighborhoods, and small business, not the other way around.