Make City Government About People, Not Partisan Politics

Dan’s “People First” Plan


1) Remove Partisan Politics from City Hall.

Our City Charter requires that we elect leaders on a non-partisan basis… and that is how those leaders should govern our City.  We need public servants who put the people of Albuquerque before partisan politics.  As a two-term City Councilor and twice President of the Council, Dan believes what happens at City Hall should have nothing to do with partisan politics.  We must take partisan labels out of campaigns and City offices, the way the Charter meant it to be.

2) Make City Hall Work for People, Neighborhoods, and Small Businesses

We will strengthen and fund the Office of Neighborhood Coordination to ensure neighborhoods that wish to be are organized and informed, and we will empower the citizen-led small business commission to help shape every policy that effects job creators in our city.  It’s refreshing to think of a City government that actually works for the people, one that is served by elected public servants who listen and tell the truth.  

3) Stop just “saying” we want transparency and start being transparent

Last but definitely not least, telling the people the truth starts with not hiding the truth. The Inspection of Public Records Act—IPRA—is a law that recognizes that we the people own the information—written, recorded, and videoed—that is created by government agencies, including law enforcement. And that, except for a few necessary legal circumstances, we should have control over and the right to access and obtain that information. That was the goal of IPRA. As Mayor, Dan will make that goal the policy of the City of Albuquerque. IPRA will not be used or abused to unnecessarily delay or withhold information that public dollars pay to produce. 

The Issue: I recognize the need to bring our community together, to rebuild trust between the public and the people they elect to manage their city, to instill pride in a city where we work together to overcome challenges that have slowed our progress.  We will become a thriving, stronger city when we break down barriers that divide us.  We will remove politics and self-interest from City Hall and make the city work for people, neighborhoods, and small business, not the other way around.  Check Out Dan’s “People First” Plan.