What are the tips to cut your own bangs?

Posted on Nov 2, 2020

You looked in the mirror of the bathroom, but couldn’t see for how long your bangs were because they obscured your view, probably it was time for a trim. While we encourage you always to see your professional designer in normal circumstances, sometimes you can’t go to the salon and have to take things into your own hands.

Don’t even bother using art scissors

It is necessary to use the right haircutting scissors; they have a tip with more points. But if you don’t have a pair of right hair scissors or you can’t order them on Amazon, expert recommends you use fabric scissors because they’re going to be sharper. Try out the tips to cut your own bags.

Second, dry your hair

Wet hair tends to be longer than dry hair, so cutting it too short is easy. When you blow-dry your bangs, you will take their growth patterns, fullness, and cowlicks into account. Brush them through with the usual teeth of a comb — not the superfluous teeth that can stretch them too long — for stress to release.making bangs

Go slow

Start with small parts, so whether you cut too much or too small, it’s more forgiving. Go longer first, if you have to, you can always take longer. Measurement before cutting is the most important thing to do. Before you place it in your fingers, look at the length and decide you need an eighth of an inch off.

Break knots in an angle

Instead of cutting a line through, keep the scissors so that they cut the hair in a corner, chipping away gently to make a soft edge. It’s what we will do in the living room. Experts add that point cutting in comparison to a blunt straight-on-cross chop softens the bangs so that you do not have harsh lines. Take care of the grown type of your bangs when you are cutting bags at home, and you will be left with a refreshed rim until the next time you see a pro.

If you have no kitchen scissors or just want to maintain them, cuticle scissors will allow you to dilute your bangs. Pull small portions of hair between your fingertips, point the cuticule scissors upwards into your hair and gently clean the ends. Be very patient, if you have thinner hair, so that your bangs are not too sparse.

A razor

Use a razor on a damp bang for a more textured look. Working from the middle, peel hairs about a third of an inch thick and keep them tightly between your fingers. If you keep your razor upright in your other hand, move your blade down to the strand to cut each piece’s edges.