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About Dan Lewis

Albuquerque needs a proven job creator and entrepreneur when it comes to attracting new jobs to our city and jumpstarting a stagnant economy. In the face of a tough economic climate, Dan has created jobs for Albuquerque families.

Desert Fuels, Inc., where Dan is currently Executive Vice President, is a good example of what an innovative business looks like in modern-day Albuquerque. The company is among Albuquerque’s Fastest Growing companies and one of New Mexico’s top private companies. Dan served as Desert Fuels’ President in 2015 when he was named one of Albuquerque Business Firsts’ Top CEOs. With corporate headquarters and staff located in Albuquerque, Desert Fuels does extensive business throughout the Southwestern U.S., with plans to expand nationwide in the coming years.

Dan’s executive experience and economic know-how is already creating good-paying jobs for Albuquerque residents. He knows firsthand the reams of red tape that stall businesses and discourage job growth; and he knows how it must be changed to help, not hinder, our city’s economy.

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